Facebook Returns To Haunt Samsung Users With Unauthorized Updates

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The applications from Facebook are never well received by the public and this is due to their habit of silently reducing battery life and acting too independently. The Facebook app, in particular, has been found to eat up massive data without the user’s consent.

This has resulted in many Android-powered users, particularly Samsung Galaxy Series, to uninstall Facebook and disabling Auto Update on the Play Store. But then again, it was discovered today that doing so won’t completely fix the problem as Facebook has found a way to act independently again.

Several users on the Galaxy S7 and Note 5 found that their data consumption increased drastically and also their battery life decreasing. An in-depth investigation found that Facebook has been updating itself and acting independently in the background.

It is unsure on what could have caused the issue but there is a new workaround for it and it is through disable the “Facebook App Manager” via the package disabler.