First Image Of Pixel XL Leaked, Helps Lower Expectations

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Google has made it clear that they won’t be launching Nexus phones this year. Instead, they will look to release two new smartphones called the Pixel phones. It is unsure if Pixels will be replacing the Nexus on a permanent basis hence the expectations for the devices are extremely high.

Today, you can already get a rough idea on how the Pixel phone will look like after an image of the device got leaked online. To be more precise, the leak image contains the larger model that will be called the Pixel XL. The image was leaked on Twitter and you can check it out below.

The way we see it, the Pixel XL does not look special at all. It is rectangular and has a weird signature logo at the bottom of the device. If this is truly going to be the final product, then we are certainly not expecting much from the device. What about you?