Forget Compact Cameras, Google Nexus 6P Is Good Enough

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Yes. If today is still in 2015, then the Nexus 6P will remain to be one of the most disappointing smartphones in the photography category. However, today is different and Google has launched a software update that actually maximizes the potential of the 12.3MP rear camera unit on the Nexus 6P.

Known as Camera 3.1, the update is being offered on the Google Play Store and it basically optimizes the performance of the Nexus 6P’s 12.3MP rear camera. With it, the rear camera can function faster and snap pictures more efficiently.

The best part is that Camera 3.1 also introduces plenty of new options so that you can snap a picture with your desired settings. Such an addition makes the Nexus 6P as good as a compact camera and on-par with other flagship devices from 2015. Camera 3.1 can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store today.

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  1. Eric

    February 28, 2016 at 12:00 pm

    Google gutted the Nexus 6P of device to TV functionality (Miracast & HDMI-out via the plug-port). If you travel, present, etc. it has been reduced to a paperweight. LG phones are still fully functional.