Forget S8 Mini, Scaled Down HTC U11 Eyeing Market Takeover

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The success of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has got many wishing for the Mini nameplate to make a return but this does not look like happening at all.

The fact that Samsung has not mentioned anything on the S8 Mini suggests that the phone is not in development hence you should look elsewhere if you want a powerful scaled down version of an Android-powered flagship.

We personally recommend waiting a little longer as HTC is now linked to developing a smaller version of the U11 and it will be a device that runs on Snapdragon 660. The screen will be a 1080p display that measures at 5.2” and this is about 0.3” smaller than the U11.

With such a setup, we can see the smaller U11 as a great contender into being the best phone in the small-screen market. Will it happen though?