Forget Samsung S10, Vivo X21 Is The On-Screen Fingerprint Boss!

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New tech features and innovations on smartphones tend to make its debut on either Samsung or Apple but this is no longer the case today. China tech giant, Vivo, has actually made leaps further than expected when the all-new X21 smartphone arrived with an on-screen fingerprint scanner.

Yes, you read that right. The time has come for our fingerprints to be read on the display of a smartphone instead of a dedicated scanner panel. The most unexpected part about this new future is the fact that Vivo is taking charge of the market with their brand of on-screen fingerprint scanner.

We all thought that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be the first mass-market phone with the technology but we were wrong. Samsung shared that they still need to polish the technology hence it will have to wait until the Galaxy S10.

Meanwhile, the Vivo X21 is showing off what we have to say is a flawless on-screen fingerprint scanner. An early adopter of the X21 proved this point earlier today when he demonstrated the technology to the masses and it simply shows how far ahead Vivo is on this front.