Fortnite Battle Royale Wants To Shift Their Attention To Android & iOS!

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Fortnite Battle Royale is easily the most popular MMO right now as it offers a massive playing field for players to kill each other. Together with the addition of realistic elements and environment, it makes Battle Royale feel like a proper battle royal simulation and gamers are pleased by it.

Despite turning into a hit on the major gaming platforms, Fortnite has revealed that they foresee greater potential if their prized video game is to make its way onto the mobile scene.

Today, Fortnite made things official when they revealed that they are now working on Battle Royale for mobile and this means that you can start looking forward to playing the game on Google Android or Apple iOS. On the other hand, we are unsure if Battle Royale will be a free-2-play title on mobile.

Should Battle Royale turn into a hit, Fortnite can expect massive profits as there are significantly more people playing games on mobile than there are on the consoles and PC. Will it work out well for the game developer?