Google Android-Chrome Merger: The Near-Official Impression

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The Android system has turned out to be a huge success for Google in the mobile tech world. The same can be said for the PCs as Google’s Chrome-powered computers are fast getting recognized as a future competitor for the Macs and Microsoft-powered PCs.

Despite being two great brands from Google, the duo are not linked to each other and it is difficult to understand why. On the bright side of things, Google has shown desire to link the two together and it may happen next year.

Today, we can get a rough idea on how a Chromebook operating with Android support will look like after a tech enthusiast shared his impression on the main page. A picture of it has been embedded below.

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The picture looks convincing and we don’t mind it being real. We really like the idea of having a desktop-like approach that is powered by Chrome and can operate apps from Android. Now that would be something.