Google Android P: Plagiarism, Poo & Potassium Tops Naming Scheme!

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Every new generation Android firmware is named after a sweet treat but this may not be the case for the upcoming Google Android P.

Due to get announced at Google’s next conference, the firmware is currently being tested out by developers and those that have gained early access into the system has nothing but negatives to say about it.

Several online discussions suggest that Android P will appear too similar to Apple iOS and it won’t be a revolutionary upgrade from Android Oreo. This alone has led many to call Android P as Android Plagiarism, Poo and Potassium.

Potassium is the kindest term here but the reference is deep, dirty and dark. The name potassium links to the fruit banana – which itself is a reference to the male sexual organ.

Google can name Android P after any sweet treat they want but it won’t change the real ugly name of the firmware in the eyes of tech enthusiasts.