Google Could Help ZTE Surpass OnePlus

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If the stock Android OS experience is viewed as the determining factor on what makes a smartphone great, then ZTE may have the best chance to dominate the Android market today.

We say this because ZTE is now crowd-sourcing for information on what they should do with their next major smartphone. The tech enthusiasts took no time to demand for the stock Android OS experience. Even an online poll was conducted to find out the top priority feature on the ZTE device and the vast majority of the voters selected stock Android.

If things are to go as planned, the so-called Project ZSX is bound to be a hit as it will come with the most demanded features today as well as stock Android 7.0 Nougat when released. The hype surrounding the upcoming phone has also got the rumours claiming that Google is helping out ZTE with stock Android.

Well, the way we see it, the ZTE phone may just be able to outdo the Nexus phones and even the OnePlus devices if it comes with stock Android. It is what made the Nexus famous but the brand has been discontinued by Google.