Google Could Screw Over OnePlus 3 Users

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One of the biggest reasons to why many opted to adopt the all-new OnePlus 3 is the because of the Dash Charge feature. It is basically a quick charging system from OnePlus that is widely rated to be better than the ones on rival flagship devices.

Well, if you happen to purchase the OnePlus 3 solely because of Dash Charge, you are in for some bad news. Google announced earlier today that it is going to disable any quick charging systems that are not in compliance with USB Type-C standard on the Android 7.0 Nougat.

Google revealed that it is important for them to do so as they want to introduce a universal quick charging method that would set the standard in the industry. The move will also aid in preventing future exploding battery occurrences.

It might sound like a good initiative from Google but we feel that the decision is more about monopoly rather than making it convenient for the consumers. If Dash Charge do get remove on the OnePlus 3, it may spell trouble for OnePlus’ future.