Google Includes HTC Even More On Pixel

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Unlike how it was with the Nexus smartphones, the new Pixel phones are demanding less effort from Google. The tech giant basically passed the Pixel project to HTC together with the guidelines and their demands before engraving their name on the device.

Google took things to a whole new height when they called for HTC to offer sales service and after sales support for the Pixel and Pixel XL. While not implemented on a global scale, the support clause was agreed by HTC for India.

This means that the HTC stores will be selling the Pixel phones in India and also offer any support needed by the users. It is unsure if other countries will be adopting the same practice but there is a chance for it to happen.

If so, then it is only right to describe the Pixel and Pixel XL as smartphones from HTC rather than Google. After all, Google has not much to do aside from offering softwares for the Pixel phones.