Google Limits Nexus, Pixel Users On Nougat

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The official Android 7.0 Nougat is creating quite a mess within Google’s territory and this cannot be helped even when the Nougat system is only in its Beta form for some of the devices.

One of readers shared with us that his Nexus 6P was granted the Nougat Beta update and he immediately realized that he can’t use Android Pay with it. At first, the lad thought that it was just a bug with the firmware but the truth of the matter is that Android Pay no longer offers its services on any phone with an unlocked bootloader.

We can understand that it is for security reasons but not even allowing unlocking the bootloader is just going overboard with it. This is something that is disappointing really because it confirms that you can’t even try to unlock the Nexus 6P and the Pixel phones if you are planning to use Android Pay.

For Google, it is a move they have to make since disabling Android Pay for modified devices is the only way they can ensure the safety of everyone’s credit card information.