Google Nexus 5X Brings Torment To Pixel 2, Is LG In Trouble?

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The release of the Google Pixel 2 several months ago brought out a feeling of déjà vu and this is due to the issues that plagued the new smartphone on launch day.

In case you are unaware, the Pixel 2 was plagued by the Blue Shift issue – a problem that is named after the blue tint which appears on the OLED screen. A screen-related issue on a new product from Google isn’t something new to us because the old Nexus 5X came out with the same problem.

One thing which both the Nexus 5X and Pixel 2 has in common is that they are built with LG-made parts. LG has long serviced Google and the issues with the Pixel 2 have got rumours claiming that Google has decided to stop relying on the South Korean company.

Well, it does make sense to stop relying on a supplier that has damaged your reputation but we don’t think Google will go to the extreme like ceasing LG’s services.

Both companies have been working together for a very long time and it was also discovered that Google specifically ordered the ‘unpolished’ OLED panels for the Pixel 2. Hence, both companies are to be blame for this issue which would mean that there is no fallout in their relationship.