Google Nexus 6: Don’t Mistake Me For A Compact Camera!

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The Google Nexus 6 might be a great device to own but unfortunately, the 13MP camera unit is nowhere near as good as rival flagship devices.

The issue here is not with the rear camera module but instead, with the software that operates it. Google confirmed on this last week and now, the tech giant has released Camera 3.1 to bring the best out of the rear snapper.

Camera 3.1 basically introduces tons of new camera features and settings. With it, Nexus 6 users can capture the best images based on their personal preferences. It made the Nexus 6 feels more like a compact camera when operating the 13MP unit.

Aside from just new tools to try, Camera 3.1 enhances the performance of the rear snapper. With the update, Nexus 6 users can experience a quick focussing and capturing camera. The update is available on the Play Store and it is free of charge.