Google Nexus 6 Failed Where The Galaxy S6 Didn’t

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It seems pretty curious that Samsung has soldiered on with the wireless charging feature while the rest of the mobile market, including Google, has given up on it.

Where it failed on the Nexus 6, the last Google phone to have wireless charging, it did well enough on the Samsung Galaxy S6 for it be implemented in the Galaxy Note 5 and S7 as well.

And yes, the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 would most likely offer the feature as well. Why’s that? Did Google and Samsung get really different results from their market research efforts? Perhaps it’s a fundamental difference in philosophy?

Or maybe it has to do with their respective phone designs. Although the Nexus 6 was a well-made device, its curved back would understandably cause problems given that wireless charging requires the right points to be in contact between phone and charging pad.

The Problem With Charging

Even without curved backs, there are Samsung users who would agree that sometimes wireless charging can be pretty inconvenient when connection with the charging pad is lost despite being in full contact with the back of the device.

Besides that, it has to be noted that unlike Google, which switched to USB Type-C for the Nexus 5X and 6P, Samsung has remained faithful to microUSB 2.0 for its latest flagships. Since Type-C connectors can be plugged in without any concern for the correct direction of the cable head, the convenience of wireless charging had been negated.

So that begs the question: would Samsung eventually ditch wireless charging once it decides to adopt the USB Type-C port for its phones? What do you think? Do you think that it’s a bad idea for Google to abandon wireless charging, despite adopting the USB Type-C standard?