Google Nexus 6 Final Exit Scheduled Next Week

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The Nexus 6 is more than 2 years old today and this means that Google has the right to stop supporting the phone. But if the tech giant is to proceed to cease support for the Nexus 6 today, it will give the brand a bad image.

We say this because the Google Nexus 6 has not received the Android Nougat update which Google has promised to deliver. The Android 7.1 update was expected to arrive last month, during the Nexus 6 final days but it suffered a delay.

The best thing Google can do is to release Android 7.1 to the Nexus 6 during its scheduled release on Tuesday next week and they can choose to cease support following that.

Android 7.1 will introduce a more enhanced security layer on the Nexus 6 as well as a number of new and interesting features. For the full details on what Android 7.1 will bring, you can look forward to December 6 as that is when Google is expected to release the full change-log.