Google Nexus 6P & 6: Out Of The Shelf, Into The Trash

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It does not take a brain surgeon to realize that smartphones don’t last long on the sales front and they will be pulled off from the market once purchasing figure reaches rock bottom.

In Google’s case, it is merely the depleted love towards the long-serving Nexus smartphones. Ever since Google launched the Pixel devices, they have behaved strangely towards the Nexus nameplate. This can be seen with the late updates and irresponsive consumer feedback.

Today, it was revealed that Telus has ceased selling both the Nexus 6P and the Nexus 6. It may not be a decision that is made under the advice of Google but why delay the outcome when the phones are catching dust.

Soon, we can expect other major carriers and retailers to follow suit. Google has already warned that they will pull the Nexus out completely at a faster rate than before, which is a pity considering that it is the success of the Nexus nameplate which allowed Google to embark on the Pixel era.