Google Nexus 6P Defects Brings Users A New Pixel XL!

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Back in 2015, Google launched the last Nexus phone, the Nexus 6P. The Nexus 6P has got the right hardwares to compete with the best phones at that time but it didn’t take long for everything to go into shambles.

Today, a large number of Nexus 6P is deemed unusable and this is due to the phone having a defective battery or bootloop issue. The issues with the phone have tormented the affected users and their patience is now being rewarded with a brand new Pixel XL.

It appears that if you bought the Nexus 6P from the Play Store and the phone is part of the batch with faulty batteries, you can get it replaced with a Pixel XL just by going to the physical store.

The move may not reach out to everyone with a faulty Nexus 6P but at least it does bring out some happy faces from a section of the crowd. All we can hope now is for Google to expand the replacement program to every other individual that carries a broken Nexus 6P.