Google Nexus 6P: Easy Fix For Nougat Haters

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No matter how good or how new a new system OS is, not everyone will be pleased with the offerings. In the Android 7.0 Nougat’s case, several Google Nexus 6P are claiming that the new system has left out several key features from Marshmallow which they really love.

Well, if you are using the Nexus 6P on Android Nougat and are hoping for a way to get back to Marshmallow, we have got some great news for you. There is a way to make the switch and we will be sharing it with you below.

1. Perform a backup on your Nexus 6P for insurance if anything goes wrong.
2. Download a copy of a firmware’s image from Google. Be sure to find the right image for your Nexus 6P that offers the Marshmallow system.
3. Now, you will need to download the latest Fastboot tool in order to perform the software downgrade.
4. Use a USB to connect the Nexus 6P to your computer.
5. Now, use the Fastboot sotware to unlock the bootloader on your smartphone.
6. Once the bootloader is up and running, navigate to the loacation where you unloaded the system image.
7. Execute the ‘flash-all’ script that will install the bootloader and the image.
8. Once done, the phone will automatically reboot and run on Android Marshmallow.