Google Nexus 6P Gains New Photo Taking Skills!

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The Google Nexus 6P, like every other Nexus devices before this, is equipped with a powerful rear camera unit but unfortunately, the software powering the module is not able to bring the best out of the snapper.

Well, this issue has finally been fixed by Google when the tech giant launched Camera 3.1 at the Play Store. The update is free of charge and it is built to enhance the camera features on the Nexus 6P.

The first thing we noticed with the update is that it introduces more photography options and this will allow users to capture the best photos around. On top of that, Camera 3.1 enhances the performance of the camera. With it, the 12.3MP unit can focus and capture images rapidly.

The bottom line is that Camera 3.1 puts the Nexus 6P on the same league as other camera-focussed flagship devices. If you are a Nexus 6P user, you are highly encouraged to update your camera software right away.