Google Nexus 6P Gets A Pixel 2 Upgrade!

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The all-new Google Pixel 2 is a great smartphone in its own rights but we don’t see its offering as something that is enough to convince us into trading in our old Google Nexus 6P.

Yes, hate all you want but we would still cry out for a new Nexus phone. We’re just not ready to board the Pixel train until something revolutionary truly happens with the Pixel line.

Life on the Nexus 6P today is not so bad as there are plenty of aftermarket parts and softwares which we can rely on to keep our phone up-to-date. Heck, even some features on the Pixel 2 can be injected on the Nexus 6P.

One of the features which we would love sharing with you is ‘Always on Display’ and the best part is that you don’t need root to make it happen on your phone.

The lads at XDA has made it possible to insert Always on Display into the Nexus 6P and all you have to do is install the Always on Enabler app. Once done, just follow the steps below.