Google Nexus 6P: How To Fix Inaccurate Battery Figures

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The Nexus 6P is the last Nexus phone released by Google and it brags one of the biggest user-base around. But despite being the best Android-powered device in the year it debuted, the Google Nexus 6P is not invulnerable to bugs and glitches.

Today, a new issue was found on the aging Google Nexus 6P and it is with the battery percentage. Many users have reported on their phone shutting down despite battery levels being at 20%.

The problem here is actually with the degrading battery which fails to synchronize with the Android system. To get an accurate level of battery percentage, you are recommended to run your battery down. Once the Nexus 6P shuts down, switch it on again to drain more battery juice. Keep repeating until you are unable to turn on the phone.

Once done, charge the Nexus 6P until full before switching it on and you will then get to see accurate battery percentage. However, it is important to note that the above is just to get good battery percentage. The degrading battery needs replacement to retain the stock battery life of the Nexus 6P.