Google Nexus 6P: Nougat Update Brings Issues

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It looks like Google has completely run out of love for the Nexus 6P. The 2015 flagship phone was deprived from getting the Android Nougat update on launch day and the late-coming firmware update brought in more problems to the phone.

One of the most notable issues that is plaguing the Nexus 6P is with the rapid battery drain. If you are a Nexus 6P user like us, you should be able to notice a drastic change in your usage time as the Nexus 6P can no longer last long.

In our case, the device ran out of juice all while watching a 4 minute video clip at 720p through a WiFi network with 23% of battery left. What gives?

The obvious answer here would be with a bug that came together with the update. Well, it is not exactly new since the Nexus 6P has experienced rapid battery drain problems before and we are expecting Google to offer a fix for it. The question is when?