Google Nexus 6P Receives Camera Upgrades!

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The latest Google Nexus 6P might come equipped with a powerful 12.3MP rear camera but unfortunately, the software powering the unit has been below par. Thankfully, there is now a fix for this and it is through applying a new software update that was just released by Google.

The tech giant has launched Camera 3.1 and its purpose is to improve on the 12.3MP rear camera on the Nexus 6P. Camera 3.1 basically introduces plenty of new setting options so that you can capture the best quality image. On top of that, Camera 3.1 allows the camera 6P to perform faster.

If you are among the many Nexus 6P users, you can download Camera 3.1 for free. The update is now available on the Play Store and it is free of charge. With Camera 3.1, the Google Nexus 6P is as good as its rivals in the field of photography.