Google Nexus 6P Ruins Christmas With Sudden Death Issue

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The Google Nexus 6P is one of the finest smartphones ever produced but this claim is now being challenged today after a major issue is detected with the phone.

It all happened last week, a day before Christmas when a large handful of Nexus 6P users found that the phone has died on them. In detail, the Nexus 6P simply died even when there is a little battery life left and this made the users confused.

Those confusions quickly turned into anger when Google called for every affected users to call in and report on the problem instead of offering a more convenient way of investigating on the issue.

The affected users tried calling Google Support but the high call traffic led to a bitter experience for everyone. To make things worse, those that managed to speak to a supporting officer failed to receive a solution for the matter.

The heat is now on Google and they must act fast or risk having their reputations tainted by this mystery issue plaguing the Nexus 6P.