Google Now: Forcing Violent Images Has A Temporary Off Switch

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Google services has done a wonderful job at making access to information more convenient for the users but there are still many things which Google can improve on.

What we have in mind is Google Now and how we greatly dislike not having the ability to swipe away unwanted news on the feed. Google Now cleverly look into what we do on the internet before finding news that are related to that. However, what the system don’t realize is that those news are not our in our interest.

In one case, a mother was horrified when every Google Now news given to her daughter has been about deaths and violent images. The daughter responded by saying that it may have been caused by her searching habit for Halloween costumes and the search trend remained stuck on her Google Now ever since.

This is really bad because not everyone agrees to see graphic content of extreme nature and there should be an ability to tweak the settings.

At present moment, the only fix for the issue here is to switch off notifications from Google App. Just follow this step to do it right:

“Go into the Google App, Menu -> Settings -> Notifications -> Your Feed and uncheck everything.”