Google Pixel 2: 50% Less Hate For Missing Audio Jack!

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The all-new Google Pixel 2 is certainly a big step forward from the original Pixel phones but not everything is an upgrade with the device. One setback with the Pixel 2 is with the 3.5mm audio jack. The traditional feature has been removed for reasons unknown and this enrages the Pixel fans.

Well, today we can confirm that the hate towards the Pixel 2 for not having an audio jack has softened after Google reduced the price for the USB-C headphone adapter.

The tool which is used as an alternative to a traditional audio jack can now be obtained for only $9 instead of $20. This is a huge drop in price thus sparking a positive response from the public. For those that have ordered the USB-C headphone adapter at the previous price of $20, you can contact Google on your purchase to get a price reduction.

But of course, we still find the move to drop the audio jack feature as a big hassle for the buyers. At least it is good to know that playing audio on the Pixel 2 won’t get be too expansive.