Google Pixel 2: Burn-In Display Is Not LG’s Fault!

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The Pixel 2 may be Google’s latest flagship device but this does not mean they are manufactured by the founder of the Android system. Google has always passed production tasks to an OEM and for the Pixel 2, the production duty is passed to LG.

LG has always served Google since the Nexus phones got introduced hence it is understandable for Google to keep relying on the South Korean company. But then again, the heavy trust placed on LG has resulted in some major controversies happening with the Pixel 2 and it is with the burn-in screen.

This particular problem has caused discoloration and even a blue tint on the Pixel 2’s display and consumers are not happy for it. The issue is now being addressed through an update from Google and it is said that the tech giant has lost trust in LG.

Well, these are based on mere speculations and we have to say that it is not LG’s fault that the Pixel 2 came out with a major issue. An insider looked into the Pixel 2’s programming and he found that the OLED panel used on the phone is a slightly older version of what is used on the LG V30.

This can mean two things. Either Google has cheapened out by relying on a slightly older OLED panel to save a dime with the Pixel 2 or LG has refused to sell their best OLED panels.