Google Pixel 2 Gets Sucker Punch From Samsung Galaxy S8

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The Google Pixel 2 is the latest craze in the world of Android but the hype went downhill after an issue was found with the phone’s display. In case you are unaware, the Pixel 2 has been plagued with a blue tint which can negatively affect user experience.

With Google being placed under heavy fire caused by the issue, Samsung has decided to tap on the opportunity to use the trending problem for the greater good of the Galaxy S8.

We came across a new online ad that was posted by Samsung USA earlier today and it comes with the title “Galaxy Screen Review”. The 30 second advert basically compiled every positive remarked made by major reviewers in regards to the screen of the S8 and this indirectly provokes the Pixel 2.

It is rare to see Samsung taking jabs at Google since they have only preyed on Apple and we do wonder on what got them to put Google on their scopes. Could it be down to Google’s sudden behaviour change which makes them look like Apple? You decide.