Google Pixel 2: It’s High Time To Invest On USB-C Adapters

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It is official. Google has contradicted themselves when they decided to remove the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack from the Pixel 2. This leaves Samsung as the only major Android OEM that is still offering the feature.

Personally, we see the Pixel 2 as the tipping point as Google has a strong influence on the smartphone market. This means that you should expect more and more phones to drop the headphone jack from here onwards until a time where the 3.5mm feature is completely gone.

With that being said, it is perhaps best for you to start investing on USB-C adapters. If you can fly to China and become a trader for aftermarket USB-C products, you can look forward to a short-term big income opportunity.

Even if you have no intentions for business, getting a USB-C adapter today will mean that you can finally bring closure to the audio jack anxiety. It’s perhaps time to move forward (backwards). RIP audio jack.