Google Pixel 2: LG Won’t Resign From Google’s Deeds

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Anything that comes from Google is huge and this is proven again with the newly launched Pixel 2 smartphones. The latest flagship phones from Google created a craze despite getting bashed by the online community for removing the traditional 3.5mm audio jack.

Well, having a craze can be great for any new smartphone released but it can also be a huge problem if the device is to debut with a major issue. In the Pixel 2’s case, it is the latter as the phone came out with a burn-in display that led to the sighting of a blue tint on the screen.

A large number of early Pixel 2 buyers filed their complaints at Google and it resulted in the tech giant rushing to find a fix. It is normal procedure for any fault on a newly launched phone but whose fault is it?

When scoping on the matter, you will learn that the Pixel 2’s OLED display is sourced from LG. The South Korean firm have lend Google their services since the start of the smartphone era but the recent bootloop issues and the current display failures on the Pixel 2 have got many speculating that the relationship between the two company has fallen apart.

Well, we don’t think this is going to happen because the broken display on the Pixel 2 is not entirely LG’s fault. One individual snoop around the Pixel 2’s internal files and learned that the display type and model are an older batch of displays from LG. It is not the exact same one that is on the V30.

The finding got us thinking if Google purposely opted for the older OLED panel from LG to save production cost or it could be that LG has refused to sell Google their latest OLED panels. Either way, both parties are at fault for the Pixel 2’s burn-in display.