Google Pixel 2 Revives Nexus 5X Memories!

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As any fan of Google products on the things they miss in the tech world and they will gladly reply you with a one word answer – Nexus. The Nexus is name for a discontinued line of smartphones from Google but they remained to be a popular choice today.

Unlike how it is with other devices from previous years, the Nexus offers an experimental platform that maximizes customizability. It is also worth noting that Nexus phones are mostly made to be affordable despite having flagship-like specs.

In short, the Nexus has left behind a legacy and it is dearly missed by the majority of consumers. But one thing which we don’t miss is the issues that features on several Nexus phones – particularly the Nexus 5X.

Back when the 5X was launched, it sparked a huge controversy and this is due to the yellow tint on the display. Well, those memories have returned after the latest Google Pixel 2 got caught with a similar problem.

The Pixel 2 has got a tint on its display but instead of yellow, the phone’s screen has got a blue hue. The similarities with the Nexus 5X doesn’t end there as both phones also feature a display that is made by LG. Talk about reviving old memories.

It’s a good feeling to recall the goodness which the Nexus has to offer and we certainly hope Google revisits the good things from their old product through future Pixel phones instead of reviving old issues.