Google Pixel 2: Screen Tint May See The End Of LG!

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LG has been producing some exceptional smartphones this year but they are still at risk of losing revenue as new rumours are claiming that Google is plotting a break-up with the South Korean tech giant.

LG has long served Google as their device manufacturer and recent years have seen the Google flagships suffering from major issues. Take the Nexus 6 as an example. The phone that is based on an LG flagship ended up suffering from the same boot loop issue.

The situation got worst last month when Google launched the Pixel 2. The latter is a device that is also wearing LG’s hardware and it ended up getting bombarded with hate remarks for having a blue tint on its OLED screen.

At this rate, the rumours could be right when claiming that Google is going to end their partnership with LG and move on to another manufacturer to manage their phones. Do you think it will happen?