Google Pixel 2 vs LG V30: Same Display, Different Variations?

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The blue tint issue that have been plaguing the latest Google Pixel 2 has shifted the attention over to the LG V30 after reports claimed that the two phones are wearing the same OLED panels.

Well, unlike how it is on the Pixel 2, the V30 does not have a noticeable blue tint on the display and this added more mystery on what could have caused the trending issue on the flagship phone from Google.

For one individual, he shared that the Pixel 2 is actually equipped with an older version of the display and it is one that is similar to the V30 preview unit. He then pointed out that LG was aware of the problem hence they built a newer OLED display for the production V30.

We are not sure how accurate his finding is but we will leave his statement below for your viewing.

“As to the devices using the same screens, this is pretty easily deduced by looking at the kernel sources. Both of the device trees in the kernel show that the V30 and Pixel 2 XL use panel model sw43402, each with a few revisions with code additions as recent as the beginning of August. Links: V30 Device tree and Pixel 2 XL. You can see the sw43402 panel is present in both and if you dig deeper into the individual dtsi files you’ll see that that panel is the one included in them. sw49408 is the panel from the G6, which is not used anymore. Devices using the same panel also makes logical sense because it’s much cheaper for LG to produce a ton of the same panel instead of two different panels.

The second claim (V30 shipping with a newer panel) is basically a deduction based on observations. The V30 review units did in fact use an earlier batch panel that has a lot of similar issues to the ones we’re seeing on the 2 XL right now (bad blue shift, grain, uneven back-lighting). Keep in mind these review unit V30s were sent out as earlier so they will have screens that are from earlier batches. By most reports I’ve seen, the retail V30 screen is not as bad as the ones in the review units, and not as bad as the 2 XL, so it stands to reason that the V30 is currently being produced with a newer batch (and possibly newer revision) of the sw43402 panel.”