Google Pixel 2 Will Come With Apple Airpod Rival!

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Back when Apple removed the audio headphone jack on the iPhone 7, they backed up their decision by offering the Airpods. In case you are living under a rock, the Airpods are wireless headsets that operate with Bluetooth and it is beginning to get accepted by iPhone lovers.

Today, more tech companies are following Apple’s decision in removing the headphone jack feature and what shocked us most is Google being part of the followers. Google has been strong in condemning the removal of headphone jack and they are now taking away the feature on the Pixel 2.

This is a really unpopular decision and many are criticizing Google for it. For us, we are fully expecting the addition of a wireless headphone unit from Google to rival Apple Airpod. Without it, the move to remove audio jack looks meaningless.

The final verdict will be out once Google pulls the curtains off the Pixel 2. That is expected to happen later this month and we can’t wait to check the phone out.