Google Pixel: Is Verizon Hurting The Phone’s Credibility?

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It seems that there is a huge confusion surrounding the newly launched Google Pixel phones. The Pixel devices were released on the Google Play Store and also on Verizon thus it got many speculating that Google refused to promote the phone on a wider scale to protect its interest.

The conspiracy theories are claiming that the Pixel phones are so good but not widely promoted because Google does not want to become a product-based manufacturer like Apple. Hence, the purposely placed a limit on the potential sales figures by only offering the Pixel phones to Verizon.

But then again, this is nothing more than a confusion being stirred by Verizon. If you are to look at the official Pixel ads from Google, the tech giant never promoted the Pixel with the caption, ‘only on Verizon’. This is something which most of the Verizon-funded ads are saying.

Verizon may be the only carrier that is loaded with the Pixel phones but rival carriers are not stopping to find ways into promoting the phone. AT&T is trying to promote the Pixel with its plans but consumers will need to purchase the phone at a third party retailer like Best Buy.

The point here is that the Verizon image that is being stamped on the Pixel phones should be taken lightly. Google have priced the Pixel phones like the iPhones hence it is only right for them to dream about selling as much Pixels as possible.