Google Pixel: Messed Up Android Oreo Has A Temporary Workaround!

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Ever since Google launched the latest Android 8.1 Oreo update for the first generation Pixel phones, users have been reporting on unresponsive swipe issues with the device.

For some of them, they are required to swipe 4 times on average to accept an incoming call. Others complained on having difficulties with removing notifications via swiping.

Today, Google has acknowledged the issue and they promised that a fix is on its way. However, there is no telling when the patch will arrive to the Pixel phones.

So between now and then, you may want to try out a simple workaround for your swiping issue on the Pixel and they are as follow:

1. If you just tap the fingerprint/unlock icon on the lockscreen it bounces straight to the pin menu or auto unlocks depending on your security settings.

2. On lockscreen notifications, if you pull them down slightly, it will partially pull down the notification shade thus allowing the notifications to be swiped away effortlessly