Google Pixel Phones Launch Day Scheduled On October 4?

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By now, most of you should be well aware that there won’t be a new Nexus smartphone coming out this year. The nameplate will be replaced with the Pixel phones. Just like how it is in previous years, Google will launch to new devices and they will be badged as Pixels.

Everything about the Pixel and Pixel XL has been discussed about by the Android fans and they can’t wait to check out what the phones will have to offer. The only problem is, nobody but Google knows when the Pixel phones will officially go on sale.

That was the case until today when we got notified of the Pixels’ launching day through a photo of a ‘statue’ from New York.

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As you can see above, the so-called statue is from Google and it has the shape of a smartphone. At the bottom of the statue, the date October 4 can be seen. We are pretty sure the statue is not positioned in New York for no reason hence October 4 will be the day where the Pixels get released.