Google Pixel Poses As 256GB iPhone 7 Rival

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Is there a new version of the Pixel and Pixel XL coming out later this month? This question went viral yesterday after rumours started claiming that Google is prepping to release the 256GB version of the Pixel phones.

The rumours even provided evidence that comes in the form of a chart from US carrier, Verizon. The chart saw the names Pixel 256GB and Pixel XL 256GB together with their prices.

Well, today we can confirm that the rumours are wrong and there will be no such products coming from Google. Verizon went public to explain that their employee who was tasked with the chart took the iPhone 7’s chart and simply changed the name of the device to the Pixel phones.

It is purely laziness from the employee and Verizon assured everyone that they will fix the matter. If you are curious to see how the chart look like, you can refer to the image below.

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