Google Pixel vs Apple iPhone Turns Into War For LG

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Android vs iOS, Pixel vs iPhone. These rivalries can all be summed up in one battle statement and that is Google vs Apple. The two brands are the dominating names in the tech world and it looks like their war has entered new waters.

Very recently ago, it was reported that Google has invested $1 billion on LG to become the sole user of the company’s OLED mobile display. Today, new reports have surfaced and they are claiming the exact opposite.

Despite the claims on Google getting exclusive access to LG’s OLED panels, the new reports are saying that Apple has actually gained every right to this exclusivity.

Both sets of reports are based on rumors and words from industry insiders hence you should take them with a grain of salt. Either way, the OLED panel will side with one party and only time will tell if it will be Google or Apple.