Google Pixel: When Should HTC Say Goodbye?

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As with the now defunct Nexus series, Google relies on a third-party OEM to produce the Pixel and Pixel XL. That particular OEM is HTC which is doing a pretty good job so far. The question is how far Google would allow the Taiwanese producer to go before ditching it to partner with another OEM.

HTC’s two-year deal with Google means that it won’t be until 2018 before other companies can start jostling for a contract with the tech giant. So if HTC messes up with Pixel 2 then there would be a good chance another player in the market takes over for Pixel 3, right?

Well, not exactly, if we take a look at Google’s dealings with LG for the Nexus 4, 5, and 5X. The first of the three didn’t have too many problems, but the Nexus 5 and 5X suffered from quality inconsistency issues. Many users had perfectly problem-free units, while many others had to deal with laggy performance and boot loops.

Anyway, Google has worked with HTC twice before on the Nexus One, the first in the series, as well as the Nexus 9 tablet. Like the Pixel/XL, both turned out to be pretty reliable devices. Do you think HTC’s Pixel contract should be extended past next year, or should another company be given a shot? What other OEMs would you like to see produce Pixel phones in the future?