Google Pixel XL: An Upsized Trend In India

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Google-badged smartphones are a huge thing in India and this has got the new Pixels on the positive end of things. Both the Pixel and Pixel XL was shipped to the country earlier this month and within a short period of time, the captured a large slice of the local smartphone market.

In figures, both the Pixel and Pixel XL acquired 10% of India’s overall smartphone sales and usage. It is an amazing achievement and one that Google can really be proud of.

Even today, both the Pixel and Pixel XL are selling like hotcakes in India and the same can be said for elsewhere in the world. The Pixel phones are so well received that market analyst Morgan Stanley believes that Google can capture $4 billion in profits from the new devices.

At this rate, we can expect to see the Pixels turning into a direct rival for the iPhones. Samsung is starting to fall down the pecking order, especially after the Note 7 disaster and this gives Google the opportunity to increase its presence in the field of physical products.