Google Pixel XL: No Choice But Verizon

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The Google Pixel XL promises some great things but the majority of the Nexus fans don’t see how the device can turn into a huge success.

This is down to a number of factors such as price and the Android OS. The majority of the fans don’t believe that the Pixel XL can enjoy an impactful debut due to its high price tag and non-stock Android experience.

Well, these fans may just be right as we have just learned on another limitation with the Pixel XL. Apparently, the device is can’t be obtained for a cheap unless you are on the Verizon network. It was revealed earlier today that only Verizon will sell the Pixel XL and this will surely put a handbrake on the device’s sales potential.

You can choose to skip Verizon and shop on the Google Play Store but there is one problem with this. It is that the Play Store is very limited in supply and the long wait for the Pixel XL may tempt you to pick up the device with Verizon. Is it even worth it?