Google Pixel XL: When Big Screens Get Boring

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It seems that Google is done with large smartphones. The tech giant revealed that the all-new Pixel and Pixel XL are sized to perfection thus suggesting that the 5.7” on the old Nexus 6P is not really great.

It looks like a sound move, especially for the Google XL because the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and OnePlus 3 all remain fixed at 5.5”. The size is just perfect for a larger than usual smartphone as it does not burden the fingers with excessive stretching.

Even a poll conducted by Android Authority confirmed that 5.5” is what the consumers really wanted. Anything larger will just spoil the user experience. About 13,500 people took part in the online poll and it saw 30% choosing 5.3 to 5.6 inches. Only 17 percent of respondents picked 5.7 to 6.0 inches.

So, has Google got it right for the Pixel XL? The larger of the two Pixel phones may be on par with other large devices but the fact that it is smaller than the Nexus 6P suggests that the old flagship was a mistake.