Google Pulls No Punches On Microsoft Surface Rival

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Most, if not all, tablets from Microsoft can be called a success and this is because of their ability to sell well and the innovations which they have to offer. Today, the tablet market is being dominated by the Surface name which includes the Surface Pro and Surface Book.

Soon, the Surface Hub will be joining the party and it will be the one and only choice for a niche market. Unlike ordinary tablets, the Surface Hub is designed for those that require a fully interactive large Smart TV with tablet like features.

Everything sounds promising for the Surface Hub until today, when Google announces on a competitor for the future machine. Google, being the unlikeliest of rivals, shocked everyone when they pulled the curtains off the Jamboard, which is a 55” Android-powered fully interactive SmartTV cum tablet.

This is quite insane and nobody expected the Jamboard to happen. The only question left to be answered is will the Jamboard be able to put up a fight against the 84” Surface Hub from Microsoft?