Google Teases Android Oreo Through Google Earth

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It doesn’t take an Android fan to know that this year’s Android system will have a name that starts with the letter O. The first sweet treat that comes to mind is Oreo and we don’t see any other way for the name to get voided for something less spectacular.

Well, even Google agrees with this and their latest game on Google Earth strongly suggests that Android O will be called Android Oreo. The game is a product of collaboration between Google and Oreo and it is part of the Oreo Dunk Challenge campaign.

It is a very unique game in the sense that players have to snap a photo of an Oreo cookie, get the photo scanned on the game and swing the virtual image with a smartphone. Once that happens, the Oreo will launch as far as it can before landing at a random glass of milk on Google Earth.

The game will go live today and you can try it out on your smartphone. We don’t know about you but we still see this as a sign of Oreo being the name of Android O.