Google’s HTC Not Planning To Follow Motorola’s Footsteps!

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HTC’s August sales saw revenues hitting its lowest point in 13 years and it appears that the company’s board is having enough of it. Reports have surfaced online claiming that the board has decided to sell HTC to Google and negotiations are now in its final stages.

Some would say HTC deserves to go bankrupt as they have been unable to offer a device that can appeal to the mass market. HTC has been hit by a string of unpopular decisions on their smartphones and this led to their user-base shrinking over time.

Today, the critics have turned sentimental when some of them expressed worries for the company. Should Google buys over HTC, the brand may end up like Motorola which focuses on the midrange and budget market.

Well, we don’t expect this to happen because we genuinely believe that Google bought Motorola to benefit from patents. HTC and Google have a much closer relation and Google may turn the company into a sub-brand that creates phones for the niche market.

It is either that or Google is hoping to turn HTC into their hardware developer. We just don’t see HTC walking down a similar path to Motorola.