Google’s Waze Could Rip Off Android Auto Users

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Google is soon going to give Android Auto users what they’ve long been calling for and enable Waze support for the first time. It would arrive as an over-the-air update that would allow drivers to utilize the navigation app in their vehicle’s infotainment in place of Google Maps.

Well, given that this is Google we’re talking about, there’s going to be a catch. According to a study from the Ross School of Business from the University of Michigan, Waze on Android Auto could end up compromising the privacy of its users.

The study apparently found that Waze was delayed for Android Auto because Google was trying to ensure that the app could reliably collect real-time information about how users’ cars are driven so that Google would be able to send out – via a live auction system – adverts tailored to the needs of the driver.

This seems like a pretty smart move on Google’s part, particular from the view of advertisers, but Android Auto users may not appreciate it. None of this is official yet, so it’s best to take it with a grain of salt and truly find out when Android Auto finally supports Waze.