How Apple Crushes Rivals Despite MacBook Pro Failures

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The 2016 MacBook Pro may be the newest laptop from Apple but it does not mean that it is the best choice around. A large handful of Apple fans have said it themselves that the amount of effort poured into developing the MacBook Pro does not justify the price hike for the laptop.

Despite the MacBook Pro not being able to impress the loyalists, the device is still better than other great laptops in one particular department – after sales service.

If you are to experience a fault with a Microsoft Surface Book, calling the helpline will see you talking to a machine for long period of time before you can truly speak to an expert. The Chromebook, on the other hand, can frustrate you with robotic replies such as “have you tried restarting”. To make matters worse, we actually have encountered several call transfers when seeking help from Google.

As far as we can recall, we have yet to encounter any issue with the support from Apple. No matter how bad the MacBook Pro turns out to be, Apple is always there ready to assist you should you need any. Let’s hope this keeps up until the end of time.