HTC 10 Battery Shames iPhone 7, Galaxy S7

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The HTC 10 may not be as popular as the Apple iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 but it is able to offer better battery life than the duo. This was confirmed earlier today by UK’s tech firm, Which?, after they placed all three devices in an extreme battery life test.

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As how you can see in the image above, the HTC 10 can offer 1859 minutes of 3G talk time and 790 minutes of internet on 3G. The Galaxy S7 is far behind with 1492 minutes and 677 minutes respectively. In last place is the iPhone 7, which clocked 712 minutes of talk time and 615 minutes of internet on 3G.

Being an iPhone 7 user, we are not surprised by this as the battery life we experience is not that great. When compared to previous iPhones, it does feel better but the usage timing is still not up to our requirement. Thankfully, the iPhone 7 has so many great features to offer which makes this setback easy to forgive.